Breakdowns: How Much Does a Live Music Video Cost?

I’ve been studying Alex Chaloff’s music videos recently, as they’re incredible examples of live music captures. It’s a testament to his work that even though I’m taking notes on camera angles, lighting, and sound all the way through, I can’t help but get lost in the performances.

Part of breaking down these videos is figuring out how much it might cost to put together a production like this. That’s helpful for me as it puts my rates into context; it’s also helpful for my clients to understand what goes into creating a video at this level. Let’s start with a minimal shoot like this one:

There’s two parts to the cost of a production; rental costs and labor costs. Rental costs cover the equipment and the space, and labor covers the efforts of all the individuals involved. Whether you own the gear or you’re renting it directly, you’ll be charging about 5% of its value per day; let’s start there.

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